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Improve your Childs Memory and Attention with a Low GI Breakfast

cereals.jpgA study conducted by Northumbria University showed the importance of feeding your child a low GI breakfast. They had two groups of children aged between 6-11 and fed them either coco-pops that rapidly elevated blood sugar levels after consumption or a starchy all-bran breakfast cereal that released the energy much more slowly. Hourly memory and attention tests were then administered thereafter and researchers found that although both groups as expected declined in performance, the group which consumed the startchy breakfast faired much better in the subsequent tests than their counterparts. Therefore to help your child stay attentive and boost concentration go for the low GI option of all-bran. Alternatively try eating the following breakfast;

Muesli or porridge with banana or raisins

Wholegrain toast with spread

Fresh fruit Juice