Top Tips to keep your exercise routine, routine

As many of us have experienced we start off with good intentions to exercise more regularly only to be rudely interrupted by illness, holiday,  or even worse work commitments. So I hear you ask how can I continue exercising amid the demands of modern life? Well there are many ways you can do this, but today here’s a few tips that should help you overcome the desire to succumb to your exercise blip.  

Tip1) Expect the unexpected. This may be tough but inevitably things will happen to hamper your routine. Oh yes Work, family and life will happen and yes it is quite likely that your routine will become…..well anything but routine! So having an exercise plan that is flexible and adaptable will help you deal with life’s little curve balls.  So if you are a runner susceptible to joint trouble then it may be worth investing in other forms of low impact exercise or strength and conditioning to compliment your running. If your swimming pool has a gym then take your gym kit with you in case the swimming pool is closed. Always have your gym kit in your car that way you don’t have to go home after work and be tempted to have ‘ 5 minutes’ on the sofa. 

Tip 2) Listen to your body. Although ideally a long term periodised plan with progression, recovery and adaptation would give best results it is often not the most practical (see above). How do you know what you will feel like in 6 weeks or 12 weeks time? It may be good to have some rough idea of what you will be doing further down the line but this approach is perhaps not the most realistic. Alternatively listen to your body, surprising how your body will tell you all you need to know when it comes to training. Do you feel tired, lethargic or run-down? Is your sleep poor, are you picking up common colds with more regularity and are you failing to get the results your workout warrants? If so you may be over training and due a good break. As a rule of thumb gradually progress your training each week for 4 weeks then have a very light week, perhaps doing something different or relaxing completely. This is a great opportunity for the body to recovery and adapt to the training load. Then start up again where you left off on week 3, progressing a little each week for 4 weeks and so on. 

Tip 3) Record your success. It amazes me at how few people actually record their exercise results. This is fundamental to your success and without it you may become de-motivated and uninspired to continue. Would an accountant just guess his or her end of year figures ? I’m not sure their boss would tolerate “Well it feels like I got these figures right, I’m sure we have made some money!” Try writing down your results and keeping a diary. Personal bests, new exercises, results, what you liked about your routine, how great you felt afterwards, what you will achieve next and so on and so forth. 

Tip 4) Do what you enjoy. Yes, yes, yes! Do what you enjoy. It’s that simple. Why go to the gym if you don’t like it? Why force yourself to run if you hate it ? Sit yourself down and think about what it is you love about exercising? Maybe if there were no obstacles and nothing holding you back what would you love to do? Or perhaps there was something you did when you were younger that you could maybe do again? If you enjoy your exercise your motivation will be so much more higher as will be your chances of success.  






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