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The Global Warming Diet

images1.jpgSo Chef Laura Stec and Eugene Cordero Ph.D teamed up to write their upcoming book ‘The global Warming diet’. I find this a fascinating concept that is currently capturing the imagination of environmentalists and health professionals. The authors have cleverly married the two areas of global warming and the obesity epidemic in the US to come up with a simple yet rather catchy idea. It doesn’t involve eating your own carbon emissions or creating your own electricity by hooking your hamster up to the national grid. On the contrary the authors are advocating swapping more sedentary pursuits and the use of the car for a little exercise. Is this too much to ask ? Simply walking 30 minutes every day will result in weight loss of up to 6kg in a year and reduce your fuel consumption by 100 litres per year!! 

If walking’s not your thing then how about cycling for 20minutes, jogging for 10-15 minutes or rollerblading for 10 minutes? They will all result in roughly the same calorie expenditure. Still not convinced? Well why not try to park your car a little further from work and walk the rest. Or how about just walk to work ? Either way you going to shed some pounds and do your little bit for the environment. Go on give it a go, you’ll probably feel great for doing it!


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