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You reap what you sow

superhero.jpgAs we head into March I am told that by this time of the year most new Year’s resolutions have been unfulfilled with many people back to where they started before making their bold commitments. So it’s time for a reality check! Are you moving towards your goal or away from it? Every decision you make will invariably move you either towards your goal or away from it. Deciding to skip the gym and press the snooze button will move you away, just one more glass of wine will move you away, I’ll take the lift and not the stairs will move you away. Deciding to join a gym (if you use it) will move you towards, hiring a trainer or walking to the shops will move you towards. You get the point? Ultimately all your decisions will move you one step closer or one step further away from your health and fitness goal, which is it to be?

You reap what you sow!! Oh Yes what you invested in your fitness, health and well being last year you are probably sowing right now. And yes you got it, what you sow right now this week you will reap later on in the month or later in the year. Is what you are doing reaping the rewards? If not it’s time to sow something different. Join a gym, find a new activity or get a training partner. Remember what you sow now you will be reaping this time next year!! The decisions you take today will affect your health and fitness tomorrow.


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