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It’s a Trying Shame

high-five.jpgI hear this little inconspicuous word all the time with clients; I will try and do my 4 sessions this week or I will try not to eat 4 bars of chocolate a day! So what’s wrong with this little word? Well there are two reasons why you should consider banishing it from your vocabulary right now if you are looking to lose weight or get fitter. Firstly the definition of trying is “annoying or hard to endure”, now that doesn’t seem too appealing to me ? If I have something annoying that is going to be hard to endure, guess what I’m probably going to do everything other than that thing! How about replace the word ‘try’ with ‘will’, for example I will exercise 4 times this week. Does that make a difference?

Secondly the act of trying is actually strangely difficult. If you have a pen handy why don’t you TRY and pick it up? Trying is kind of this in between procrastinating state of neither doing or not doing something. Surely it would be much more simpler to either pick the pen up or leave it!!

There you go then, lose the ‘Try’ and replace with ‘Will’ and see how much more motivated you will become.


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