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Listen to your Body!

Listen to my body? Sure give it a go, you’ll be amazed at how good your body is at sending you signals to say when you’re hungry or full. Unfortunately we tend to override these signals, thinking we know better. This results in a desensitisation to our own appetite mechanisms which  mean we never know when to stop eating!!

Only eat when you are hungry

OK I make no appologies for the simplicity of this one. Forget your FAD diets, with no eating after dark unless its cardboard, or whatever. This is simple but effective. The idea here is you only eat erm…. when your body tells you, i.e. when you are hungry. Here’s the second crazy part, stop eating when you are full! This way you will eat regularly throughout the day the amount that you actually require at the time. Eat small portions, say 300-500kcal several times in the day. Try Low GI foods (fruit, vegetables, graines, pulses, rices and pastas) rather than high GI sugary foods (sweets, cakes, sugary drinks). This will have two benefits. Firstly it will keep you fuller for longer and help ensure blood sugar levels remain constant throughout the day which in turn will help keep the hormone insulin at lower levels. The presence of high blood sugar levels is coupled with Insulin which ultimately inhibits fat metabolism, not great it you want to shed a few pounds.Secondly small portions have a manageable calorific content whereas binge eating at the end of the day may result in excess calorie intake and storage. Funily enough research shows time and time again the benefits of eating breakfast. Those who have a healthy breakfast are much less likely to gain weight than those who skip breakfast all together.  


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