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Choose Berries as part of your 5-A-Day


When it comes to including fruit and vegetables as part of your balanced diet let’s face it some fruits pack    more of a punch than others. Although most fruits contain many vitamins, minerals and fibre Berries such as Blackberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, Cranberries and Raspberries contain a nutrient called Anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant which is found in abundance in the berry family. Recent research has shown that Anthocyanin found in these ‘Super Berries’ not only reduces the risk of CVD by reducing ‘bad’ cholesterol and raising ‘good’ cholesterol but they may also have a preventative effect when it comes to many other diseases such as Cancers, Diabetes and Alzheimers.

So when you are reaching for the fruit in the aisles consider these powerful little berries ! A handful of blueberries on your porridge or a glass of fresh cranberry and Raspberry juice every day will go along way to boosting your immune function. For more information about what constitutes a portion visit the 5 A Day website here.


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  1. It’s so easy to eat these antioxidant-rich fruits each day because they not only look so colorful and appealing, but they taste incredible too. Each with its’ own unique but compelling flavor. And to think it’s easy to get the benefits of raising the HDL “good” cholesterol just by eating something so wonderful and tasty. I like to add a banana to my berries mix when I’m really hungry. And my absolute favorite mid-morning treat is a mix of vanilla yogurt, berries and organic granola. Yumm!


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