Calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate

In the last newsletter we touched on ‘Moving More’ and energy balance. Well to lose weight you need to be thinking in terms of creating a negative balance, i.e expending more than you consume. Well that’s easy I hear you say, let’s just not eat anything!! Well unfortunately it is simple though not that simple. First you need to calculate your BMR. Your Basal Metabolic rate (BMR) is the rate at which your body burns calories for basic bodily functions such as breathing, circulation and maintaining constant temperature.  

Women: BMR = 655+(9.6 x weight in kilos)+(1.8 x height in cm)-(4.7 x age in years)
Men: BMR = 66+(13.7 x weight in kilos)+(5 x height in cm) -(6.8 x age in years)

This equation will be very accurate in all but the very muscular (will underestimate calorie needs) and the very fat (will over-estimate calorie needs).
If you are inactive or sedentary multiply BMR by 1.2
Fairly active (exercise 1 – 2 x week) multiply BMR by 1.3
Moderately Active (2 – 3 x week) multiply BMR by 1.4
Active (hard more than 3 x week) multiply BMR by 1.5
Very Active (hard daily) multiply BMR by 1.7
The figure you have now is your estimated daily energy requirement. If you want to lose weight it is essential you know what your current eating habits are and what your daily energy intake. If weight loss is your goal then look at creating a deficit of around 500kcal a day. Remember every 1lb of fat is equivalent to 3500kcal, so over a week that’s 500kcal a day. You can now start to break this down further by doing say half an hour jog (based on 8km/hr for a 60kg person) which will burn 250kcal and not eating that chocolate bar (250kcal). A safe, sustainable weight loss is up to 2 lbs or 1kg per week.

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  1. […] So how much energy should you be eating? Well for every gram of carbohydrate and protein you eat you will get 4kcal. As for alcohol it’s a little higher at 7kcal for every gram (or ml), sorry!! And as for fat, well that’s even higher at 9kcal for every gram. As a general rule of thumb men should eat about 2500kcal and women around 2000kcal per day. As you can see a high fat diet will be kcal dense and as such you will be much more susceptible to consume more kcal than you require. Obviously the figures above can vary depending on your daily energy expenditure, so to find out more accurately your energy requirements calculate your BMR here. […]

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