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The Glycemic Index

The Gycemic Index is probably one of the most useful tools to get to grips with in terms of sustaining a healthy balanced diet. For a non-fad, reputable way of improving your health, managing your weight and generally feeling better then understanding a little about the Glycemic Index (GI) is a great place to start. The carbohydrate food you eat will at some point end up as glucose. The speed at which this process happens depends upon the food, with some being converted rapidly whilst others more steadily. The Glycemic Index is a measure of the glucose levels in your blood after consuming a carbohydrate food.

Carbohydrate foods are scored on a scale of 1-100 with white sugar or glucose obtaining the top score of 100. The lower the GI value then the slower the release of glucose into your bloodstream, foods such as lentils and pulses have low GI values. In contrast to this high GI foods such as white bread, fizzy drinks and sweets release glucose much more quickly into your system. Eating a diet rich in High GI foods is a contributing factor to risk of Diabetes and obesity. Chronic elevated levels of blood glucose puts extra strain on the pancreas to produce a hormone called insulin, which helps to regulate blood sugar levels. Not only does insulin help regulate blood sugar levels but it also supresses fat metabolism!! Therefore by eating a low GI diet not only are you keeping blood sugar levels at bay and feeling fuller for longer but you are also encouraging your body to burn more fat as a fuel source.



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