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So it is about this time of the year when I start to hear murmurings that people have already fallen off the good intentions wagon. Blaming their lack of motivation on flagging willpower. If only I had more of it!! Well unfortunately for so many budding fitness enthusiasts the Willpower that so soundly convinced them to join a gym ,start running, drink less or eat healthily will have deserted them and left them firmly back where they started by the end of January.


Why I hear you ask? Well Willpower requires a great deal of emotional energy and is usually what you need when you are not particularly motivated by your goals. In essence it’s what you need when you just have to white knuckle it, you know you’re not going to enjoy it but you just have to do it! Sure, to a degree that may be what you need to get you off your behind and start but it’s not going to suffice to make long term life changes.



Obviously if you have set yourself SMARTER goals (featured in this BLOG) then you are probably smugly sitting back enjoying the success you have earned. If not then ask yourself is this goal and course of action compelling enough? What will it give me that I don’t already have? Is it congruent with my values and beliefs? And do I believe I can do it? If you are struggling to answer those questions then it may be time to think what is important to you and whether the course of action you have chosen is right for you.

Check out your language also when you are describing your goals to your friends, your trainer or indeed yourself. I Must, I Should, I Ought or I Have to start exercising or stop smoking are all pressure words and imply that there is some kind of rule that has to be kept. Not very motivating, this is where you may need Willpower ! Think about changing your pressure words to I can, I will or I am going to. Does it sound a little more compelling now?


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