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Goal Setting

This is one of the fundamental tasks for anyone contemplating embarking on a new exercise regime. Get it right and you’re in with a shout of achieving what you want… get it wrong and your chances diminish drastically.When considering a new course of action having a positive, realistic and achievable goal that motivates you is a great starting point. Once you have established what you want, start to imagine the benefits of having the goal. 

Write down as many as you can; the more you have, the more irresistible the goal will become. What will acheiving the goal give you that you don’t already have ? What will you see, hear and feel like when you have the goal?

Imagining the goal as if you already have it is a great way of convincing your unconscious mind to go about getting the goal. As humans we are task- and goal-orientated so having a goal that will motivate you will eliminate the need for willpower.

If you struggle to think of any notable benefits, then you may have to ask yourself “is this course of action what I really want?” Once you have decided on your goal you need to establish where you are right now in relation to acheiving the goal. The key to obtaining any goal is feedback. How will you know you are progressing towards the goal ? If your goal is weight loss then measuring and weighing yourself is a good way of obtaining valuable feedback. If you want to improve fitness then measuring your resting HR or timing yourself will show whether you are on target.


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